Soon to End Office 2003


The last classic Office suite sings the last verse.

Lately there has been much focus on the Microsoft stops support and update Windows XP after 8 April. But Microsoft puts streak also another central software that date, office suite Office 2003.

And now, Microsoft would like those who still use aging versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint immediately come to mind.

Microsoft Office 2003 was the last edition of the software that had a classic design with drop-down menus at the top. Starting with Office 2007 menus were replaced with wide “ribbons” at the top, organized in tabs.

Everything was better before?
Not everyone felt at home with the new interface, and therefore there are reasons to believe that the last classic Office suite are still quite prevalent.

To entice users to upgrade, Microsoft has created a so-called “infographics” that in a humorous way to persuade users of Office 2003 that the world has changed enormously over the last few years and it is time to replace aging software.

For, as Microsoft itself says, “It feels good to be modern”.

Over on rent model

And when Microsoft talks about upgrading, the Office 365 they aiming for Microsoft’s latest Office suite that you download from the web, pay rent for, and that updates automatically.

There are also alternative suites of office applications that do not cost money, like Kingsoft Office, LibreOffice or

You can also try Microsoft Office 2013 for free, or use the web version at no charge. Google Docs is also a very good free alternative browser.