More news about Windows 9, 8.1 and Windows Phone!


Microsoft blog has provided some more information regarding the company’s Windows plans.

Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1
The blog has talked to two sources over the last few weeks which gives us a slightly better understanding of Microsoft’s future plans.

Windows Phone 8.1 update GDR1 approaching reportedly launch later this year. Internally, the name GDR (General Distribution Release), but it is uncertain what the official name will be when it is ready for launch.

The last GDR update was baptized Update 3, so there may well be a go for the same with this.


Windows 9
The development of Windows 9 is of course not come as far, but the company’s internal departments have slowly started to share their development process with other departments.

Neowin sources have not gotten their hands on the OS for internal testing on their machines. According to the same sources, the schedule is not delayed. The OS is expected in April next year.


Windows 8.2
Windows 8.2 or Windows 8.1 Update 2, nearing launch. Earlier rumors pointed to a completion of the code in July – the same tells Neowin sources.

If development goes as it should, is expected to launch in August or September.