Microsoft with own SIM card for Windows 10

Microsoft with own SIM card for Windows 10

Windows 10 devices
Windows 10 devices

New app in Windows Store reveals plans. Cellular Data is a new app in Windows Store that will make it possible to connect to mobile data by using a Microsoft account.

Mobile data

The app will make it possible for Windows 10 devices to connect to various mobile networks without a contract, and in the app description says it requires a Microsoft SIM card.

“Connecting with and pay for the mobile subscription on Windows 10 device using Microsoft account information. You do not need to have a permanent subscription and no long-term commitments to a mobile operator. Now you can buy and use mobile data whenever you want, “says the app description.

Limited Availability

It is unclear whether Microsoft plans to develop its own virtual mobile network to allow Windows 10 users to connect to the network of partners.

The Verge speculate that Microsoft may come to create their own network in collaboration with partners, but also that they can offer similar access to Apple’s own SIM card.

For the moment it appears that paid mobile data plans initially only be available in France, UK and USA.