Microsoft Watch comes in a few weeks


Older reputation is confirmed again.

According to Forbes, Microsoft will launch a smart clock within a few weeks.

The entire two days of battery life?

There are one or more unknown sources has revealed that the above Forbes.

Who knows, it might be Microsoft itself, which surely feel somewhat forgotten in all the talk about Google Android 5.0, Nexus, Apple iPads and Yosemite.

The time Microsoft will like the other watches in the same segment monitor the pulse of the user, but unlike many of today’s smart watches shall be said to have a service life of more than two days.

If this turns out to vote, Microsoft really to have new to brag about. The norm today is in fact a normal working day with normal use.


Not being locked to a platform, either.

This was common with the first Android smartphone bells and less common with time (LG G Watch R functions including with any Android mobile, as does Motorola’s Moto 360), while Apple’s Watch tradition Cupertino company is locked to its own cell.

The time will supposedly on store shelves in the United States shortly after the unveiling of not wanna miss the big Christmas rush.

Credible reputation

“The cool thing about Microsoft’s bracelet, and which perhaps will be a great differansierende factor is that it is supposed to work in combination with any mobile OS, not just Windows Phone,”

– we wrote in July this year.

Since several sources saying the same over time, the likelihood that it is true much larger.

Surface Watch?

According to Forbes hoped Apple, not surprisingly, to start sales of Apple Watch before Christmas, but it did those who know not.

Apple Watch comes early next year (but iOS 8.1 coming in during the day).

Maybe watch a part of the Surface-brand. What do you think?