Look how smart Windows 10 is!

Look how smart Windows 10 is!


And soon everyone can test it.

Continuum is the name of Microsoft’s initiative to make Windows 10 smarter hybrid keyboard.

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Smarter for hybrid computers
This function makes it so that Windows 10 on two-in-one devices automatically switch between different display modes the OS has to offer.

When a keyboard is disconnected, you will be asked if you want to enable tablet mode. If you answer yes fills up the entire application window and back button back by itself.

Might year

Now it turns out that all those testing Windows 10 (it’s probably well over a million now) will be pleased to test the Continuum later this year or early next year.

When it comes to upgrades provide Windows 10 to transfer apps, data and settings for you. This requires that you run Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 or later.

A more complete test version of Windows 10 is expected in January 2015. This according to Microsoft expert Mary Jo Foley.