What you get if you pay for Outlook


Microsoft tests pay version.

Earlier this year revealed the informant and Twitter user Walking Cat that Microsoft is working on a subscription solution for email service Outlook.


Paul Thurrott writes that the company is currently testing Outlook Premium as a standalone subscription. Previously it has been speculated that the service will become part of the Office 365 subscription, which is still possible, according to Thurrott.

The price will be at $ 3.99 per month, according to a screenshot Thurrott have accessed and Microsoft offers the first year free.

Beta Version
What you get in Outlook Premium:

Five personal email addresses.
Easier sharing calendars, contacts and files.
Ad Outlook.com.
Access to the new Outlook.com.

If you want to test the service, you can send a request via this link. Note that this is a trial and there may be changes in price and solutions before launching.