TEST: Apple iPhone 6s Plus

TEST: Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Apple iPhone 6s Plus
Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Bigger and better, but also more expensive.

This year as last year, Apple’s latest iPhone in two editions, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Both have the same screen size predecessors iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, ie 4.7 and 5.5 inches.

Apart from the physical size, it is not huge differences between the two models.

Compared with brother has 6s Plus higher screen resolution, battery capacity is greater and the camera has optical image stabilization. It also costs more.


Choose small or large?

We believe many people will buy new iPhone now, wondering whether they should opt for the ‘little’, 6s, or the “big”, 6s Plus, primarily because of the size.

iPhone 6s are the most handy of the two, and easiest to control with one hand when, for example, stands on a cramped bus. It also weighs less.

iPhone 6s Plus is admittedly not only reserved for those with big hands. Actually, it’s personal preference that decides what is “best”.

Although I prefer plus edition, although it was a habituation process in the transition from a smaller phone.

I use their mobiles so much in one day, that having a bigger screen with larger text is far better for my very nearsighted eyes. The gaming experience is also improved. To not forget that 6S Plus also offers better battery life (more on that later).

Apple iPhone 6s Plus
Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Smooth keeping

The other members in Techulagam technology editorial, both men prefer in turn little brother, iPhone 6s.
– I’m probably a typical one-handed use. The smooth sides to 6s Plus also allows I often worry that phone to slip, says technology editor.
Apple has retained the same design at this year’s iPhone editions last year, which means that they have rounded edges. We get a bit of soap-sense of it, and therefore prefer to protect Plus with cover, just like that for safety’s sake.

Could be less

It must be mentioned that Apple still has a lot going on in terms utilization of screen space.

Looking at the display area relative to the total size comes namely the latest iPhones bad.

While iPhone 6s Plus with its 5.5-inch screen has a screen area which constitutes 67.7 percent of the total area, has for Huawei Ascend Mate 7, with a larger screen (6 “), a display area of 78.04 percent of the total surface.

On Samsung Galaxy Edge + constitutes screen 76.6 percent of the total footprint.

Landscape mode

In addition to different screen sizes, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus different screen resolution, respectively 1334×750 and 1920×1080 pixels. Although greatest man then has the highest pixel density, is not there something you will notice in the daily; both displays are nice and sharp.

iPhone 6s Plus has an extra trick up your sleeve when you can have the home screen in landscape mode. Some apps also have a special landscape view that you do not get the iPhone 6s.

Nice 3D Touch

The new 3D touch function also makes iPhone 6s Plus a little easier to handle with one hand, compared with the 3D Touch-less iPhone 6 Plus.

To take a selfies, simply pressing hard on the camera icon on the home screen, then select the shortcut “Take selfies.” This instead of having to open the camera app and choose front camera (upper right).

Multitasking is also less demanding. Should you switch to the previous app, you just have to squeeze hard into the left edge of the screen and then slide to the right. This instead of having to double click the home button.

We also love the feature that lets you move the upper half of the screen to the bottom half by double-tap the home button. Then you need not change position on the phone, press the Link or similar.

Equally swift, better battery

Inside iPhone 6s Plus virtually identical brother. Same processor and as much RAM, which means just raw performance. The battery is, however, 60 percent larger, 2750mAh against 1715mAh iPhone 6s.

We experienced battery life on iPhone 6s as quite good, but it is noticeably better at 6s Plus. 25 hours after we took out iPhone 6s charger, we had 22 percent remaining battery charge. 28.5 hours ago iPhone 6s Plus stood in the charger, we had 46 percent again.

Unlike Android Top models support iPhone 6s and 6s Plus neither wireless charging or fast charging. Do you use your iPad charger, it goes however pretty quickly anyway. We went from 0 to 32 percent in half an hour with this, but note therefore that the phone is sold with a weaker charging (5V / 1A).

How much better is the camera?

The last major difference between the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, is that the latter’s main camera has optical image stabilizer, which will provide better and sharper pictures in low light.

Last year plus edition also had OIS, but sent only to still images. The newcomer also supports video.

That there are differences between the cameras, we can see the example picture below, taken in our completely dark lab. At first glance the images quite similar, but we zoom in, we see that 6s does not produce as sharp details.


iPhone 6s Plus is the better mobile Apple has ever created. It’s all iPhone 6s are just a little bit better – better battery life and better camera. Bigger is it too, with all the advantages and disadvantages it offers.

The innovative 3D Touch function is far more than a gimmick and gives us literally an extra dimension to use mobile phones on; be it anything from preview pages when browsing to switch applications in a simple way.

6s Plus is, however, also Apple’s most expensive phones until now.