Apple should make it all the fear with iPhone 7

iPhone 7
iPhone 7 disposes with 3.5mm input according to new rumors.

Drops may 3.5mm audio output – goes for Lightning.

According Macotakara sources, Apple plans to kill the 3.5mm port on next year’s iPhone.
This is to make iPhone 7 thinner.

Needed to slim
In recent years, not Apple slimmed down, but actually made iPhone 6s and 6s Plus fatter to accommodate 3D Touch panel.

Therefore, Apple’s plan to slim sevens with at least 1 mm. by removing the most widely used audio input: 3.5 mm. input.

Instead, Apple attach EarPods with Lightning connector and a built-in mini-DAC for improved sound quality.

Should you use a wired 3.5 mm headset, you will have to buy an adapter. Swear one to Bluetooth headsets, this is obviously not a problem.

Apple has previously had plans slim their mobile phones using a 2.5 mm connector, but they dropped those plans several years ago.