“Taimen” shall be a third Pixel model.

According to new reports from Droid Life jobs Google with a third pixel unit.

Three models
Google does not deny that there are new Pixel mobiles this year, but so far there has been talk of a unit number three. Droid Life writes that this code-named “Taimen”. Pixel and Pixel XL 2 holds codename “walleye” and “Muskie” reports 9to5Google.

Taimen is a very and fatty fish, and according to Droid Life also becomes the third Pixel phone of the great battle – actually larger than Pixel XL.

The Android-focused website writes that “Taimen” developed as a completely separate entity, and that it should not be talking about a regular Pixel mobile only bigger.

Rumored that Apple does the same
Apple front there have also been rumors that the company plans three new iPhone models this fall. Two of these will be direct sequels to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus – is thus likely to be called iPhone 7s and 7s Plus – and the last one is talking about a flagship with unique features.

If these rumors prove to vote, Apple and Google being involved in starting a trend which consists of three models.

Droid Life,