Microsoft’s top claims Apple copies Surface!

IPad Pro is a "clear example." Microsoft's Surface Manager Ryan Gavin says that iPad Pro is a "clear example" of Apple following Microsoft -...
Google Drive

Soon, Google Drive can back up your entire machine!

But the storage costs.  Right after Microsoft updated OneDrive with Files on Demand in the latest Insider version of Windows 10, Google now launches...
Samsung Galaxy S8

Here are Samsung Galaxy S8 in all three colors

Samsung has in no way successful in keeping Galaxy S8 cards close to the chest and the company has almost leaked like a sieve. Black,...
An unknown number of copies of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught fire, without notice. Now, nearly three million mobiles will be sold again, claims Engadget.

New life for Galaxy Note 7? Scandal phone can be resurrected!

Three million copies Galaxy Note 7 can be repackaged and sold in Vietnam and India. Galaxy Note 7 - the mobile phone that would become...

Viber introduces Secret Chats feature in latest update

Snapchat’s expiring messages was so well received by the app’s users that over the last many months other messaging applications have begun implementing their...
Android devices

Pre-installed malwares found in several notable Android devices

Israel-based cyber-security firm Check Point has detected a malware that is not downloaded by users, but is already present in some Android devices. According to...
Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories: Snapchat Stories copied to the main Facebook app

Facebook can’t help itself from copying the Snapchat Stories feature. The company has cloned the functionality in Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp with an...

Samsung can not find fault with the Galaxy Note 7

When they emit fireproof boxes to revoke all devices. Although production and sales of unit is now completely stopped so it still remains for...

Now comes the Android 7.1 beta

Google has finally announced the Android 7.1. Some smart features Beta version comes first Pixel C, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P later this month. 7.1 adds support...
Google Assistant

You can install Google Assistant on an Android 7-mobile also!

XDA Developers has obviously figured out a way to get Google Assistant to work on all Android phones, not just Google Pixel. Google Assistant to...

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