Nikon launches dark lord – D4S


There is nothing diabolical about this, just impressive technique.Nikon has launched D4S – an impressive camera. It’s big, expensive and primarily designed for professional photographers.

What is it that distinguishes it help roffe camera from other cameras?

A tool Camera

Photo: Nikon
Photo: Nikon

First and foremost, it is designed as a working tool, it can withstand being used by photographers at work. This means that it regularly gets thrown into the trunk, it ends up in the ground or in the snow, it works in the arctic cold and tropical heat – it can withstand almost anything.

That glass lens can shatter is another matter, like there is for a pro just to replace.

In use it is just the right heavily so keeping it steady, it is also so large that you have a good grip and proper placement of buttons whether you hold it one way or the other.

Pro Skill properties

Photo: Nikon
Photo: Nikon

Nikon has added the list even a few notches up with D4S, compared to its predecessor. First and foremost, it is a completely new sensor and the new EXPEED 4 image processor that provides camera extreme characteristics.

Light now goes up to ISO 25600 calibrated, that is, you get excellent picture quality without the use of additional light in almost all situations.

Not enough, it can be pushed further up to ISO 409,600 which means you can take pictures in the middle of the night in a dark church is only lit by a candle …

Nikon D4S take up to 11 16.2 megapixel images per second, and auto focus between every shot! Besides, the whole mechanism with mirror and shutter been improved, so that the mirror does not vibrate and give a blurred viewfinder image while shooting.

Fast delivery

Photo: Nikon
Photo: Nikon

To deliver images quickly D4S has been networking with Gigabit speed. For studio photography or in other situations of available wired network images can be instantly copied and edited further by others in the team.

It is also USB 2.0 connectivity for wireless network adapter WT-5A, or GPS GP-1A.

HDMI output can be connected to an external monitor or recorder, and the image also appears on the camera screen.

The camera will go on sale on 6 March