Simple list of apps.

The new, automatic security update apps in Android 6, is perhaps not so well known to all.

The function is called “Auto Backup for Apps” and stores all data, settings and login information for Google Drive, and even banner notifications will be reactivated without the user having to do anything. As long as the developer has implemented it.

To locate security updates:

  • Open Drive app.
  • Select Settings / Settings.
  • Then select Manage backups / Manage security updates.

There you can see a list of apps that are currently backed up to your account. Unfortunately, you can not do anything about the apps on the list, but whatever it shows which apps actually been backed up.

Limited support
The automatic backup of app-data is very ingenious for users, but unfortunately it seems that few apps actually implemented this solution.

Ars technica has done a test where they downloaded 200 apps, and the result was discouraging. Only ten applications containing the new API, the API 23 which enables backup. Six of the ten apps have deselected backup, while one app crashed on Marshmallow device to publication.

That leaves only three apps that support the new API, or 1.5 percent of apps. The three apps that support is Instagram, Dubsmash and Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers.