Now you can share your Android apps with six others

Android apps
Android apps

From 2 July, you can share your purchase from the Play Store with family.

A date has now come for Google Play “Family Library” feature that will make it possible to share applications and purchases from Play Store with up to six members in the family.

only new purchases
This feature will apply only to applications purchased after launch date, for developers means that they must manually register for the service if they want their app is not to be shared in this way.

For apps purchased before July 2. developers will have to manually activate the same division, when the choice is made, they will not be able to go back on it.

Stricter film
Family Library is going to be a way to share purchases from Play Store between members of the family, how to define this family there are so far no details on. What is clear is that purchases are not going to apply films purchased on Play Store. These will continue to be shared by the family, but will only be streamed to one device at a time.

We’ll be back with more information when it is available.