Check if you have these apps on your Android device

Check if you have these apps on your Android device


13 infected apps removed from the Play Store. Ars Technica writes that Google recently removed 13 malicious apps from the Play Store.


Apps should have made unauthorized downloads on users devices while having tried to get rotprivilegier so they still would be installed after reset mobile

Lookout writes that apps should have used an ingenious technique to be perceived as safe, which gave them a high number of downloads and positive feedback.

The apps are capable of getting infected devices to download and provide positive feedback to other harmful apps in the Play Store. This helps to increase the number of downloads in the Play Store, “writes Lookout blog.

Delete them

This is the 13 malicious apps:

Cake Blast
Jump Planet
Honey Comb
Crazy Block
Crazy Jelly
Tiny Puzzle
Ninja Hook
Piggy Jump
Just Four
Eat Bubble
Cake Tower
Drag Box

Do you have one or more apps installed, we recommend removing them immediately.